AES Environmental is investing in clean air. Partnering with an education facility and an investment of over half a million dollars, AES is constructing the next generation of ISO 16890 Test rig facilities for use in the Australian and overseas markets. The AES rig will be ILAC accredited ISO 16890 air filter test rig to complement its existing AS 1324 and AS 4260 test rigs, adding to it’s capabilities to provide air filtration qualification services.

AES considers it important for Australian industry to retain AS 1324, for non-stationary HVAC applications and regional areas of Australia that experience heavier concentrations of dust particles such as bush fires etc. AES and its partners consider the retention of Australian capability to test air filters will remain of crucial importance to the HVAC air conditioning when applied into the building construction tender market. This will ensure the product used in the market is safe to use, meets the required standards and does what it says it does, even if that product is imported to the county.

AES has continued to invest in its engineering division, with the latest round of funding representing a significant investment in the business on the back of a strong belief that clean air is crucial in todays environment.