Odour / Pollution Control


Email Air Handling / Vokes Paint-Stop media captures paint overspray and prevents it from being discharged into spray booth exhaust systems. It is suitable for the collection of all types of paint overspray, irrespective of the solvent type and including vitreous enamel.

GW Grease Filter

The GW air filter is a lightweight redeemable or washable panel unit especially designed for use in cooking exhaust systems. As acids present in the trapped greases of kitchen exhausts corrode ordinary steel, GW filters are constructed of acid-resistant aluminium throughout.


The Carbosorb range of filters are designed for use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems, to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form.

Email Activated Carbon and Alumina

High-performance Mark-2 media contains activated alumina that is entirely impregnated with precise blends of dynamic-oxidant chemicals before being formed into uniformly sized heavy-duty spheres.