HEPA/Absolute filters download brochure (PDF - 594kb)

The Email Air Handling HEPA filter is Australia's market-leading high efficiency filter. Manufactured in Australia to stringent performance requirements of AS 4260, each filter is individually tested and certified for your assurance of quality.


Email Air Handling HEPA filters are designed for use in such critical applications as:

Hospital operating theatres- Sterile goods processing- Biological safety cabinets
Radioactive particle containment- Miniature electronic component manufacture
Precision instrument assembly

Email Air Handling HEPA filters consist of a glass-paper filtering medium pleated into a narrow vee formation and held in place by corrugated aluminium separators. The filter assembly is enclosed in a metal frame that can also be supplied with extended flanges for downflow applications. The HEPA filters are available in a variety of frame and separator materials and sealant types for specialised applications.Email Air Handling Fluid seal is recommended to overcome the need for gaskets and mounting clamps in downflow installations.

Email Air Handling also manufacture a minipleat range of HEPA air filters. These are made from the same filtering media as conventional HEPAs, however the media is in narrow pleat formation separated by beads of a special hot-melt compound. The resulting light weight and compact dimensions of a minipleat filter make them the ideal choice for low-profile ceiling modules.

HEPA Module download brochure (PDF - 215kb)

Email HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter Modules are designed for use in critical applications where product manufacture, handling or packaging require an environment free of airborne contaminants.

Such applications include pharmaceutical manufacture and packaging, media preparation, food technology, electronics assembly, optics and plant research. The HEPA Filter Module is fully manufactured in Australia to conform with the stringent performance requirements of AS 1386.

It is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit your exacting requirements. The module has been designed for installation in both new buildings and for retrofitting into existing rooms. The filter is housed behind either a stainless steel or painted white fascia which blends with the surrounding work environment. Fan speed controls for the HEPA modules are accessible from within the work zone except on low-profile models.

With the exception of gasket-seal models, HEPA filters can be easily replaced from the clean air side within the work zone. Contamination Control Laboratories offers a nationwide installation, commissioning and maintenance service catering for all high-efficiency filtration applications. See your nearest AES Environmental sales branch today for more information on our HEPA units.

UCV Filtration Unit request brochure

Reducing airborne bacteria in the operating theatre is a vital key to a successful surgery. Now you can cut dramatically the incidence of deep sepsis in orthopaedic surgery, with similar benefits in such fields as neurosurgery and ophthalmology. Previously acceptable levels of up to 500 bacteria-carrying particles per cubic metre are reduced to less than 10 particles by cubic metre by the UCV (Ultra Clean Ventilation) system, with obvious health and financial benefits to your patient and the hospital.

Produced as a modular system by Australia's leading manufacturer of air filters and laminar flow systems, the UCV is easily retrofitted to the ceiling or within the ceiling void of existing operating theatres.A controlled column of ultra clean air is delivered down over the operating table, your surgical team and their equipment. It then moves radically outwards and up to the return air intakes. Your team has free access to and from the operating zone without the risk of introducing dirty air from outside.

Gel-Seal Filter to frame sealant download brochure (PDF - 124kb)

Gel-Seal is a unique, ice-blue silicone gel specifically designed to create and preserve an airtight seal between high-efficiency particulate air filters and their holding frames or housings.




HEPA Absolute-type mounting frames download brochure (PDF - 158kb)

Specially-designed mounting frames for HEPA/Absolute air filters,
to ensure a constant seal between the HEPA filter and mounting frame.


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